Why I longboarded 69km 3

So, it all started with an idea to break a Guinness World Record to longboard across the country until I found someone who destroyed the previous longboarding distance record on a 3-and-a-half year across-the-mother-flippin-world expedition. Across N. America, Europe, and into China 12,159km. Damn.

But then I thought, what about doing a little stretch from Kelowna to Peachland (31 Km.) so I tried it. Left at 7am on Sat., Sept. 14, got to Peachland in just over 2 hours and then decided to go on to Penticton to make it a solid 69 Km.

Had a couple of sketchy sections: almost running over a hitch-hiking prostitute who wouldn’t move off of the bike path while I was cruising down the steepest hill but for the most part it was a mellow ride. Oh, and why did I decide to do it in Crocs you ask? So I could do the ol’ 1 foot on, 1 foot drag down the steep hills and chuck them after the ride. Quality.

So while I was cruising, listening to my tunes, and loving the fact that I live in the greatest part of this earth, I came up with an idea. An annual event:

Cruise for Cancer


The basic idea is this – have a 10 – 15km circuit where anyone would be able to show up with some sort of wheeled device… skateboard, bike, blades, wheelchair, lawn chair…

Let’s say the cost for the race would be $25 – you get a shirt and bunch of other stuff made in China, have a little BBQ and some bands playing and instead of the money going towards cancer research (like a lot of the big races do) the cash would go to families where one of the parents have terminal cancer. There are a few really solid organizations like the Make a Wish Foundation who grant wishes of kids who have serious medical conditions but there are none (that I know of) that do this for adults.

Inspired by the unbelievable kindness we’ve been shown by our friends and community where they’ve given us sailing trips, surprise parties, donations, meals and basically asked Ingrid “what are you dreaming about… let’s make it happen”. I would love to see a few other families experience this kind of lavish kindness.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this – if it’s meant to happen, there will be S loads of work to do but in the meantime, I bought the domain http://cruiseforcancer.ca so if it becomes something, we’ll at least have a start on the CFC marketing.