Who needs a gallbladder 2

So, after 10 days of scrumtralescent hospital food and enough injections to make her arms look like she was in a 4 month charlie horse competition, Ingrid is finally back in this little place we call home.

Apparently this “let’s take 60% of your liver out of you and while we’re at it, let’s take your gallbladder as well” really does kick your ass. Ingrid is really the toughest chick I know and when she says that she’s in pain, it’s the real deal. Over the past 10 days she has been through some incredibly painful experiences and even now, at home, with regular doses of magical pills that are stronger than morphine, she fights through it. They unhooked her from the drain tube that was fed through her stomach (by the way, watching that sucker being pulled out was nnnnnasty).

Ingrid BoestenLast night she had a good sleep, right now she’s drinking coffee on her new LaFuma chair that her dad bought her, and she’s updating her Facebook statii (or is it statuses?). It’s a good morning.

It’s really unbelievable to realize how many visitors she’s had (both virtually and physically) – if I had a nickel for every time someone’s asked “how’s Ingrid doing” I’d be able to build my own gold-plated bat cave. Also, the people that we work for / with have been so unbelievably gracious. The flower shop where Ingrid worked (Enterprise Flowers) has been so sweet & supportive… especially the owner, Zena, and Elma (a fellow Dutch co-worker) made sure that her room was the one that all the nurses said smelled so good because of all the flowers. The crew that I work with has also been unbe-freekin-lievable. I have had lots of flexibility to be able to make a record number of hospital commutes while my mom-in-law helps with the cooking / cleaning / organizing / sanity-bringing side of things on the homefront. I’m very grateful for the people I work with & for – it’s insane.

So, with a capital “T”, Thanks for walking through this thing with us. Fighting stage 4 liver cancer can be a bitch but it’s all good in the hood. 6 weeks of recovery and with an open hand I / we can say that this thing is over. Regular checkups every 3 months will be done but other than that, life ticks on as we curiously ask ourselves, “Hmmmm, I wonder why we have a gallbladder anyway”.


  • Most painful night in the hospital was spent together for a sleepover
  • Michelle Demman coaching her through some painful moments
  • Kim Unrau bringing sushi
  • Deep thoughts with David Dodgson
  • Good nurses, flowers, family, drugs, visits from friends, roommates
  • Having a bed by the window
  • Funny YouTube video(s) – see below