What Matters | The recording of 0

After 7 years and a kick in the ass from the book “The War of Art“, I’ve decided that I need to throw the latest tune I wrote onto some tape (or harddrives).

This book, along with some prodding from some of my friends, has been challenging me to get into the discipline of doing things that I’m not super comfortable with. Ya, it’s true, probably one of my biggest fears is failing at something which prevents me from actually stepping out and trying stuff. The beauty of this project is that I have no marketing plan, I have no desire to “make it”, and I think the open-endedness has given me some freedom to experiment. I actually had to force myself into this by trading studio time in exchange for creating album artwork – this way I had to record. Whatever bloats your goat, right?

This tune “What Matters” is by far the most meaningful song I’ve ever written and there’s so much packed into this whole project. My whole idea is to include as many people as possible who played music with my pops – this is what I’m really stoked about. So far, I’ve co-written the tune with Norm Strauss & Andrew Smith, had Eric Funk play drums, and just had Malcolm Petch playing Hammond with Brian Wiebe on the fretless bass. All of these jokers were pretty tight with the old man at one time & what an honor to have them donating their skills to this.

There are a couple of other buddies who want to help create a video about the story as well so that may happen within the next month or so. Next step, into the studio to chop up these hammy tracks and polish this thing off. Still to add are electric guitar (probably slide) by Bruce Wiebe and some BGVs by the great Ari Neufeld.