An Undeserved Vacation 0

Who writes the rules on who deserves a vacation?

Does someone who works 60 hours / week for 2 years straight and never takes a sick day deserve a break? How about a single mom who just went through a divorce? How about a cancer survivor?

Well, some friends of ours from the US of EH put their heads and wallets together, called us up a few months ago and sent us the (totally paid for!) reservations for a 1 week stay at a STELLAR condo on the beach of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

(& now just some quick visuals to put everything into perspective)

They said we deserved it after the cancer / 6 month chemo stretch Ingrid went through last year. Or maybe they said we needed it – I forget. But either way, I’d like to really honor this gigantically “unfair” sort of kindness that comes from the people we love. I don’t understand this sort of thing and what draws people to such absurd sorts of gestures but thank you to Bob & Sandy Dring, Dwight & Janna Nysewander, Mark & Michelle Wuesthoff, and Jeff & Dina Wade.

It’s amazing what happens to your soul and personality on vacation – I personally turn into a passive yet sporadically ADHD swimming phene who actually enjoys reading a book. I polished off Love Wins by Rob Bell and was pretty challenged on the whole topic of hell. It’s nice to have some of the fundamental things you’ve believed since you were 5 years old rattled every once in a while. Makes your brain feel fuzzy and stuff.

Apart from some quality time with my e-book (I was a virgin ebook reader before this trip), this WIRED magazine, the Pacific Ocean, and some extremely desperate store owners in the PV flea market, I was able to celebrate our 14 year anniversary with my good wife.

One thing these sorts of vacations do is help you realize what you have. If there’s any advice I’ll be passing on to my kids (when they’re married) is to make every humanly possible effort get away on (a) trip(s) together. Sans kids. Does miracles.

The best definition of love I’ve ever heard was from one of my mentors along the way, Wayne Luman, where he said “Love is a series of actions”. It’s true. Love is hard friggin’ work. Marriage can be hard work. Sparks don’t always fly. But when they do, it is a gift to be enjoyed and documented so you can remember what you have and why you’ve fought so hard to keep the flame in the first place. This trip to Mexico is in the memory bank boys.

Did we deserve it? As long as someone thought so. When’s your next trip?