Tulip planting 1

Most of you know that some friends of ours have a property out in SE Kelowna called Bottega. Not only are they great friends of ours but I work with them & they have been incredible to us over the years. Ingrid was very special to them and in honour of her they have created a space within the property to remember her. Ingrid actually came up with the idea a couple of months before she died and asked if they would build it after she left us to which they responded with an absolute yes. This space will be a sitting area with a fire pit and the construction is not quite complete.

A few weeks ago they purchased close to 1000 tulip bulbs which needed to be planted in this special space and a few people showed up to help plant them. We’re stoked / honored / blown away that our friends would do something like this and it will be an incredibly beautiful area… especially when all these bulbs come up.

My good friend Jan Vozenilek took some shots of the occasion and I wanted to share these with you. Hope you’re well…