Sweet response to being called fat 0

I just saw this new video with an anchorwoman’s response to being called fat & I think it’s worth passing along. Jennifer Livingston is a regular on the tube in Wisconsin on WKBT but her brief little 4 minute response to an email sent in by a viewer on Tuesday has piles of people staring at their screens (including you).

Apparently, the writer (AKA the weight-criticizer AKA Kenneth Krause) claims that this letter was not a form of bullying. Either way you skin this thing (sorry, way too many puns available for this post), it sucks to have the bleeding obvious stated for you… especially on such a sensitive subject like weight. You agree or disagree with what he wrote?

As I’m writing this, I’m just realizing that I actually know a Kenneth Krause who lives in the state next door. Crap, I hope he didn’t write this thing.

PS – October happens to be National anti-bullying month – nice timing.