Surprises, support, and other sweet stuff 4

I don’t know if it’s possible to feel more carried. There has been a lot of talk over the years about what a good / healthy community looks like. This is what it looks like.
Some friends of ours (specifically Michael Donley, Graham Ord, Dave & Debbie Moore) had an idea to throw a surprise “Support” party for Ingrid. Just to let her know that she was loved, carried, and thought about. And on Aug. 30, she rolled up to over 100 people with signs, buttons, and a sea of orange letting her (and us as a family) know that this war against stage 4 cancer isn’t being fought alone.

Our friend Jenny Mckinney did her makeup, photos were taken by stellar photographers Darren Hull, Jan Vozenilek, & Marijanel Knight (who also put together the video below). The organizers did a bigass BBQ for everyone, some friends played live music (The Trips & Urban Birds). Okanagan Limousine donated a free cruise to get our family to the surprise party on the Bo.ttega property (which was also offered to us at no cost). Kelowna Insta Print donated the “support Ingrid” posters and my sister Simone made some sweet “efff cancer” shirts that she sold like a mother in heat (with all profits going to Ingie). Graham Ord & our friends from Kelowna Vineyard also set up a blog called “Love on Ingrid” with an ability for people to donate to us – it is insane:

I’m especially thankful for this video / pictures so that the peeps and family who weren’t able to make it can get a feel for what this party was like. Basically, thank you to everyone including a few dogs who showed up with “support Ingrid” buttons. This is what it means to be carried.



This poem was also recently written by our friend Holly Bovet who we met camping a few years ago in Oroville. Such a beauty (both woman & poem)

Rainbow by Holly Bovet

Under the promise of a perfect rainbow
she sits,
entranced by those around her
she watches intently,
memorizing and cherishing the smiles and lines
etched in the faces of those she adores.
The camp fire cracks and the smoke rises,
swirling and climbing.
I imagine the smoke as the prayers of those
surrounding her,
intent on their rise into the blue dusk sky.
Prayers for peace and health,
healing and discernment.
Family and friends,
our prayers lift but unlike the fire they do not swirl,
they are direct and sure and they are heard by our Maker.
The same God that painted the rainbow in the sky tonight,
the same God that gives life and has gifted every precious moment,the same God that can take away.
I sit watching;
planted in the peace she eludes.
Awed by the pillar of strength he is.
Captured by their children’s joy – rooted and established.
In this moment,
followed by and proceeded by other moments,
my heart is ignited with peaceful passion
as mighty as the flames before me.
Perfect peace which transcends all understanding.
It is present here,a whisper as visible and miraculous as our rainbow beginning to end.
We laugh and we sing,
eternally bound by this truth given to us by our King,
Emmanuel, the lover of our souls.
A promise that does not fade.