Songs for 2013 0

I’ve had a few incredible tunes buzzing around my head like a mosquito on a camping trip for the last couple of days and I wanted to pass on what I think are the theme tunes for this next year. At least for me.

“These Days” by Jackson Browne

I don’t know what it is about this tune but it melts me (check the original here). I spent most of New Years Eve hanging out by the computer learning some of my faves & this was one.


“Heart of Gold” by Neil Young

I’ve been playing this one around the house quite a bit these days as well & doing a lot of thinking about what this tune actually means. My guess is that Neily Pants is singing it to himself. At least, when I sing it, that’s what I do & here’s a version I did with my son. So proud of that guy to learn that harmonica part. What a stallion. Now there’s a dude with a heart of gold.


“Turn on your radio” by Marc Cohn

After about a 10 year hiatus from hearing this tune, I rediscovered this on New Years Eve. It moves me and shall most likely continue to move me for 2013.


Enjoy the year. It’s going to be a good one. PS – if you’re bored & would like to join me down at the Train Station Pub Jan. 19 I plan to try a couple of these songs out.

Keep your sticks on the ice ladies & gentlemen.