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A little perspective update from my sister, Simone, on her time with Ingrid as she watched her take the 4th (of 6) chemo treatment. Written by Simone…

Today was Ingrid’s 4th treatment and as I met her in the cancer clinic she was full of smiles, jokes and life. The room itself was not quite what I expected…. small with 4 “chemo” chairs per room. It was peaceful in the room and the nurses were so sweet and friendly. We sat next to Regime, an old family friend who is also 40 with 2 young children battling cancer. It was very cool to chat with her and her sister. I was blown away by her lightness and positive outlook on the cards she’s been dealt, but that seems to be the trend with people I have met who are fighting for their life.

Nico played piano out in the foyer for a while and we were able to go sit out there and listen while we tried to put a few pieces of a puzzle together… we both realized that Ingrid having some Ativan and me overtired, puzzles are overwhelming and not much fun!

It was a humbling experience for me to witness all these people truly fighting, surviving, and choosing to keep on keeping on. Makes my stuff seem small and menial. Ingrid is a real trooper, and it was so hard to watch the chemo start to affect her body. I can’t imagine preparing for that. She did well today and is more than half way. I am so incredibly proud of her and she inspires me to fight for what is good. I pray for peace in the next week as the chemo runs its course and pray that the nausea will not be present.

She needs all of our prayers and support. Thank you for all of your thoughts, kind words and support to her and our family. I know it means the world to her, and I am truly so grateful for all of you.