Rip the Balls off 0

So I was trying to rip the balls off of my step-dog this morning and he ended up turning around and putting his teeth right through my $200 gloves. Those are my favourite gloves – how are you supposed to fix a tear in waterproof material? SON-OF-A.

Allow me…

This anxiety-ridden long-haired creature HATES walks. Like, HATES. But I figure, once every 2 weeks wouldn’t hurt the wretched thing. So, we’re in the mountains, the snowy mountains, and the snow clumped up on his hair to the point that his legs looked like Bobo the Clown’s neck-theatre. These huge, white balls were stuck to his paws and belly so badly that he had to prance and waddle down the path looking like an aardvark with a pile of hemorrhoids.

“Awwww, poor puppyyyyyy.” I empathized as I started gently trying to take some of these snow balls from his fur when all of a sudden, “RRRRAAAAAAWWWRRRR”.

What the H-meat?

No, you can’t reason with a dog and even though I tried to hopelessly explain to him that experiencing a little bit of pain would actually help him, he didn’t think it was worth it. Fair enough.

What an analogy.

I was thinking about this in human terms and how often I’ve seen this happen in relationships. I think of phrases like:

Tough love
Suck the lemon (my friend Graham Ord told me this one)

Sometimes it’s so easy to see that someone just needs their balls ripped off and then everything will be sooooo much smoother…. but they have to want it. They have to understand and accept that they need this.

And sometimes you just have to let them walk the rest of the trail with their balls scraping the ground until you can bring them home, throw them in a warm bath and wait for their balls to melt off like this Shihpoo I’ve been trying to tame.

Today, unfortunately, this poor dog didn’t learn a lesson because he wasn’t willing to go there.

Have you ever tried to rip the balls off of someone because you thought / knew it would help them but they just didn’t want the help?


Have you got any balls that need to be ripped off? If so, what would it take to have those things looked at & removed?