Prom Party, Painting and Pills 11

The first update by Ingrid for 2014…

Do you remember going to your Prom or Grad party? Well most of us do. Some have good memories some have bad memories.
In Holland we don’t have this tradition, soo this was my chance! Me and a lot of my friends got super dressed up and celebrated my 41st Birthday! I had never been in one of those dresses before and seeing my friends dressed up in Prom attire was just a dream. We had so much fun and I even danced to Gangnam Style. Well….. pretty funny! I felt like a princess! Even the dress that I got second hand was kind of a miracle.

Then a couple of weeks ago, my friend paid for me and a few of my very best friends from CT to go to Florida and we had such an amazing time being spoiled. It was so good to be with them and to laugh and cry! Super blessed.

I have been having quite a bit of pain for the last couple of months, and even though the Florida trip was amazing, every time I go somewhere I am filled with anxiety! So much can go wrong in my situation, and you are constantly in a state of “what ifs”. You never know where it comes from or what it is going to do to me. Will I be able to travel? Will I be able to make that? Will I wake up tomorrow? Can I plan something for next week? I have been very tired, and the pain feels disabling. But when I’m distracted with fun things I feel like I’m surfing a wave. I’m on a high. The adrenaline keeps me going!

I went to the ER the other day and they think I should take more meds to keep pain under control. Before, I was in denial that the pain was cancer related but I know now that there is no running from it! I seem to have grace for every day and I keep making plans until I can no more.
What a fantastic year this has been. I’m soo thankful for everything this year has brought me. It is one thing to laugh with friends, but crying with friends and family is so powerful. I feel blessed.

People ask me all the time: “How are your kids doing?” The kids don’t seem to walk in fear but are enjoying each moment we have together. Trying to prepare them is an impossible task. There will never be enough that I could say or do!
Nico is so thankful for his job and being able to dive into that, but having flexible hours that he can bring me to scans, appointments and stuff. We are very close and feel like we can speak about everything. We both laugh a lot but also cry. We feel desperate, unprepared and scared sometimes, but there is sooo much peace. God is in control. And we like it that way.

A couple of months ago I was given a few canvases to start painting again. I had kind of thought that I was done with doing art, I just didn’t have the energy for it. Little did I know that it would get me super excited and super inspired. I have been painting soo much and have even sold a few of my pieces. My friends Carrie and Jesse have inspired me to do an art show at the end of January in their studio. So I will have a show on the 25th of January at the heART school. Hopefully you can come and enjoy! There will be an invite on Facebook.

We had a great Christmas this year with our family and we hope you did too. We pray for 2014 to be full of renewed strength for every day, to stay away from fear and to experience true joy and peace!

Boesten family

Prom party.
Photo by Jessica Balfour Photography: