New Year’s Eve with Ingrid 0

Yesterday I (Jennifer Funk) spent the day with Ingrid at the cancer clinic for her 5th treatment. This was my first time sharing this experience and I guess I didn’t really have too much expectation. Hospitals have never been one of my favourite places to visit but this was different. We arrived to a very busy clinic so we were placed in one of the back rooms which we had all to ourselves for most of our time there. We sat and played a bit of crib until the chemo bags were hooked up and the drugs started to take effect. I began to ask Ingrid what her best moments of 2012 were.¬†This was her list:

Her family trip to Oregon with the camper

Driving down the coast with just her family, hitting the dunes, and just having fun together.

Her Birthday party bash at the Demmans

was an amazing and fantastic night for her. She wasn’t feeling well that night but the distraction of friends enjoying themselves, playing music, seeing their talents. She said she felt like a fly on the wall in a sense just sitting back watching everyone laughing and having a good time. This night was a great moment for her.

Having Ingrid’s Dad and stepmom come to town

Her Dad was very fatherly, protective and concerned for her. It was hard to him to see her be so sick during that treatment and he poured love on her. She described her dad in reference to Jesus and God and how He loves us and aches for us when we are sick and feels our pain. This was a sweet time for her and her dad.

Having a photo shoot with Kim this fall

She got her makeup professionally done, dressed up nice and just felt pretty and beautiful. She felt the togetherness of her family and the closeness, that her family is good, real.

Christmas with her sister and nephew

Spending Christmas with one of her family members from Holland has always been a dream come true for her. It had been 13-14 years since she had been together with them for the holidays. She was very blessed and enjoyed every moment of fun and excitement of being together.

Then I asked Ingrid what she was looking forward to for 2013 and what her dreams would be. Her answer was this:

Going for a weekend getaway at BigWhite with a group of friends

She has gone up there for the last 2 or 3 years and stayed at a friends condo with a bunch of other couples and it has always been such a great time together.

Going camping this summer down to Oroville

…an annual tradition, so much fun!

She would like to go on a cruise

with her Dad if she would be well enough

She would like to go to Holland

in the summer and visit family

She would like to have a big end of Chemo party bash

at Kelly O’Brians and have pachos and beer with all of her friends and family.

Her goals for the new year are to get healthy. After surgery she wants to start working out again, eating well and just generally getting her body back to health. Her dreams for family restoration were also mentioned, that they would find peace and harmony with each other.

I had a very sweet time with Ingrid yesterday. I am blessed to have had this experience with her and look forward to seeing her body restored this year. Happy New Year Nico and Ingrid! Much love, Jen