Misha’s tribute dance for her mama 2

I’ve always appreciated watching and listening to people express their journey of coming through something painful. There’s an undeniable beauty and “soul” that can only be reached when you’ve gone through the grinder. Watching my daughter, Misha, walk through the process of losing her mama brings up a whole bag of emotions. Ultimately, I’m just so proud of her & how she’s chosen to respond – battling to express things like her love, gratefulness, pain, & anger. I think this dance she has been working on for the past year says it all. One of my closest friends & brilliant videographer, Jan Vozenilek, offered to film it and I will forever be grateful for the community around me who has been so unbelievably kind and gracious to my kids in helping to honour Ingrid.

I read this quote on a  park bench last week and think there’s something powerful in it related to perspective – it resembles the camp I’d like to live in daily:

“Don’t be sad for what is no more – be glad for what was.”

Here’s Misha’s dance called “Mama”.


From Misha Boesten about the dance:

“This dance was created in honour of my mama, Ingrid Boesten, who lived a very full & happy life and always inspired me by her love for music and dance. She passed away May 16, 2014 after losing a long and hard battle to cancer. Several years ago I discovered my passion for dance and some time after she passed away, I found out my mama’s secret dream was to one day be a dancer. With that, I decided to create a piece that I could dedicate to her. This is the first piece that I have ever choreographed and I have learned so much through the process.
This dance is about my journey while she was sick and what it was like for me. It is also about the legacy that my mama left and how my dream is to now carry on that legacy. I was so inspired by how incredibly strong she was right until the very end, even when she was physically at her weakest point. At times she was so weak but I saw the impact that music had on her and how she would just come alive.
My song inspiration, “Greenhouse”, came from a special memory I had with her while she was very sick so it has a very personal connection. I eventually decided that my filming location be in a place that was specifically built and dedicated to my mama at Bottega, Kelowna. It felt so special to be able to dance on ground that was especially created in honour of her and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without all of the amazing people around to help me. I am so grateful for all of the support and encouragement I have received throughout the process of creating this dance.

Thank you mama for everything that you have given to me – you are truly missed…
I love you.




Dance by Misha Boesten
Song: Greenhouse (edited) by The Bros. Landreth
Camera & Post Production: Jan Vozenilek – Copper Sky Productions
Aerial Cinematography: Rubicon Aerial Cinema
Performed & filmed in Ingrid’s Tulip Garden at Bottega, Kelowna, BC
Footage of Ingrid: Marijanel Knight