Liver, lungs, and love 3

Update #8 or 9 or something from Ingrid.

People have been asking how am I doing??? Soooo here is.

It has almost been 8 weeks since the surgery and I’m starting to feel like I have my life back. Still some pain, and I’m still tired, but I’m feeling pretty good.
I have been having lots of bladder issues, and that might be a little leftover present from chemo. Fun. Fun!
On a more serious note, I got my results back from a CT scan and a blood test. The good news is that my CEA levels have gone from 141 to 1 and my liver function is almost back to normal. My red blood cells are still pretty low and that explains the fatigue.

The bad news is that they found 3 spots on my lungs. They are only about 3 mm each and at this point they cannot tell if they are cancerous. I will have another CT scan at the end of June to see if they have grown. If they have then they will do a biopsy to see if it is cancer. I’m hoping and praying that it is not cancer.
The oncologist informed me that they would not do any radiation or surgery and that my option would only be to do more chemo (which I really do not want to do again), but they think that it would just buy me more time. Sooo that was not a fun conversation. I was pretty devastated to say the least, but even now I find myself having peace again. God is sooo good!

I’m sooo thankful that I made the decision early on to do exactly what the doctors would tell me, and I have and I will never regret that. Chemo has obviously not really done the trick for me so because I feel strong and pretty healthy, I think it is my turn to do it my way.

I have felt very overwhelmed with all the advise of things that I should or shouldn’t do and I feel like I have found a way to do the things that I think I can do and remain in peace.

I will not drive to every healing service that I can think of. I believe that Jesus can heal me wherever I am, and with whomever He chooses to use.
I will not eat baking soda or pureed asparagus every day or inject myself with random medication! And I can go on and on and on.

In this process I have looked into alternatives and I’m following a program that I think I can maintain and keep my peace. I will mention a few of these things just for giggles.

Here it goes:
Green tea, berries, fruit and vegetables (juicing), Noni, Vitamin D. Vitamin C, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, nuts, turmeric, minerals, tons of supplements, hemp oil, Ambrotose, etc.
I will eliminate, sugar, white flour and processed foods as much as possible!
I was going to say, I keep it simple, but it probably doesn’t sound like it!
I’m being kind to myself! Does this sound fun to you?

Also my dad found a doctor in Dresden, Germany that would probably be willing to do surgery so there are still options. We are not giving up so easily!!

Ingrid BoestenWhat can I say? I keep my head held high and look to Jesus. I’m still trusting Him and feel safe giving my life to Him over and over again.
I choose to fully live each day, to be happy and not be disappointed but to have Hope!

God has blessed us so much:

Thank you Nico for being there every step of the way and not freaking out!
Thank you my children for having hope and no fear, and giving me love!
Thank you Dad for helping me.
Thank you Dad and Henny for sitting with me through chemo treatments and keeping the household running.
Thank you Mom for being here and taking care of my family during surgery.
Thank you my sisters for knowing me, and carrying the pain!
Thank you Simone for your time with me. You are so sweet and keep me laughing!
Thank you Bob and Sandy for inviting us to join you in celebrating you 50th wedding anniversary. Soon!
Thank you Lisa for always being by my side and next door.
Thank you for all the meals and flowers and gift, cards and E-mails!
Thanks Kryskos for flying us to Vancouver for the scan and spending time with us.
Thank you friends for calling and making me feel more than just a cancer patient.
Thank you friends for coffee and lunch dates! Sooo awesome!
Thanks Facebook friends, for making me excited to check my inbox!
Thank you Unraus for giving Nico a hot tub. His dream has come true!
Thank you all for your prayers and believing in me!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sooo much has been taken, but much more has been given!

I love this:
Contentment with life is not a feeling; it is a decision we must make.
Contentment doesn’t mean we never want to see change or improvement; it simply means we’ll do the best we can with what we have and will maintain an attitude that allows us to enjoy the gift of life.