Lille Gard Fest – a baby of sorts 0

Every once in a while you’ll call something “your baby”. As in, something that is new, a little unpredictable, poops on something you’d rather not have poo on… but no matter which way you look at it has an intense amount of value. Lille Gard Festival is something that I’ve poured my life into over the past several months in order to help create a 2 day festival that will inspire people on the beautimous grounds of Bottega (<< you have to visit this website to appreciate how kick-ass this venue is).

Here’s a video I was a part of creating with some friends (Carrie Harper / Jesse Padgett) for the fest – one of the most inspiring projects I’ve been a part of for a while as it is an interactive Youtube video I’ve wanted to develop for a while.

I’m totally honoured to be considered one of the many peeps helping to organize this music & arts festival with a theme of Arts, Faith & Justice (hosted by TribeHouse Artist Collective). Should be a rad time over the Canada Day long weekend (June 30 – July 1) where I can not only test out my new tent trailer but also play a few tunes in the middle of answering walkie-talkie messages.

I’ll be playing with a crew of Kelowna singer / songwriters who I travelled down to Memphis with called “Memphis Moonshine” – an intensely talented bunch of people who I’ll be playing a set with on Sunday, July 1 at about 1pm. The rad thing is that this whole festival will be streamed live by the un-be-friggin-lievably talented crew at the Streaming Cafe. These guys are not only my friends but have more skills than a badger-ninja riding a shark-monkey. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that you must do 1 of 2 things this weekend:

  1. Come to the festival & enjoy it live (it’s only 15 bucks or $25 for the whole fam)
  2. Watch it live (streaming is live online here)

Actually, apart from piles of music, art, late night philosophy sessions, a killer beer garden, and tons of people that you would pay money to hang out with, the most exciting part of this whole fest (for me) happens on Sunday morning when my friends & family (including Ari Neufeld, Jeremy Demman, Steve Devries & a slew of others) bake pancakes for everyone. The Dutch kind. The kind you dream about when you’re starving in the morning. Ya, those kind. 9am, do it.

Festival website:

Lille Gard Festival

Lille Gard Festival