Laughter and weak bladders 0

Every once in a while, the blessed robot of Youtube will bequeath us with a video offering that is so money it will leave those with weak bladders sprinting for the can. Ingrid asked her friends on Fbook to try to make her laugh by sending her their favourite Youtube vids and this was one of the best ones sent in by our friends (Renske & Maurits) from Holland. Not only did they send in the best video, they also supplied us with a Dutch meal made by our Canadian friend (Jenn). Top marks homies.

And now…

Paganini’s violin concert performed with facial expressions



There’s nothing like the sound and feeling of laughter. It’s a beautimous thing. And now that you’re on the internet you might as well watch this one by Will Ferrell as well as this one below and try not to laugh – if you don’t, give yourself a round of applause. You earned it.