John Fluevog names a shoe after my old man 1

I’ve always been fascinated with shoes. Well, that’s a lie, maybe it’s just been over the past 10 years or so. But my favourite brand of shoe is Fluevog.

I now have about 5 pairs of this blessed brand which has markings on the sole like “resists satan” and John Fluevog has created an entire line of shoes called the Angel series named after people who have moved on from this earth (what a nice way of saying that they died, eh?).

This past Feb. 18 was the 4th year anniversary of my dad’s death and every year we do something to honour him. This year, we went up to his grave, told a few stories, and I went over to my buddy’s house to drink some of my old man’s favourite beer (Grolsch with that cool popping lid cap thing).

Fluevog gastown

Fluevog has a killer store downtown Vancouver in Gastown

So, getting back to the shoes… in the late 70s, my dad had a factory and manufactured clogs and funky designs for Fox and Fluevog – a shoe company based out of Vancouver. They were making the most outrageous designs that were a huge hit with the pimps and hookers downtown. Eventually, they grew their niche into an extremely successful company to where they now have huge superstars sporting the footwear with 14+ killer stores around North America.

But one of the pairs of Fluevog shoes I have has got an extra special dose of sentimental goodness attached – a pair of Angels called the Henk – named after none other than my pops, Henk Boesten. Pretty rad to have a pair of shoes named after you – what an honour to have Mr. Fluevog show respect this way. Nice move.

Here’s the description of the shoe:

“This unisex Classic Angel shoe was inspired by a strong and hardy Dutchman who worked for John in the ’70s. Built upon the infamous original Angel sole of 100% hevea tree latex, and using tough Boston Nero leathers, this no-nonsense shoe will be your constant companion for many years…”

When I kick the bucket, I want a pair of shoes named after me. How about a name like “NIKE” because Nico might be too confusing for people to pronounce. Ya, Nike has a nice ring to it.