Ingrid’s art show at heART school 1

Ingrid Boesten will be presenting her artwork at the heART school on January 25, 2014 from 3pm – 9pm. There are over 20 new original pieces on display and for sale (cash / cheque).

heART school Kelowna“It is amazing to see that even one of my most hidden dreams is actually coming true, and to be able to share that with you, is just….. well let’s just say …. unbelievable. So thankful”.

There will be some wine & cheese available for consumption.

Artist profile

Growing up in The Netherlands gave me a lot of exposure to art. In my younger years we lived on a boat, but even then, it was important for my parents to enjoy original art on their walls. At one point I counted over 100 original paintings in my dad’s house.

I always remember my dad loving art but I only remember him doing a few charcoal pieces himself. Even then, he was very gifted but didn’t have time to create his own art. Now he is a very well known artist in The Netherlands.

My love for creating art started a bit out of frustration actually. I used to do renovations for clients and decorate their rooms. I found it difficult to find the right size, color and style. At one point, one of my clients told me what kind of a piece they were looking for and I thought “I can do this myself!” So one of my first pieces was a 4’ x 8’ piece on plywood. I loved it, and surprisingly they liked it as well. I experimented quite a bit with shapes and colors but I kept coming back to stripes and patterns. Stripes have been my “thing”. When I look at a landscape, an ocean or a sunset I see stripes.

Originally I felt more like a decorator then an artist and I didn’t feel like I deserved to be called an artist but I have grown comfortable with being in that category. I am an extremely creative person and my love to create never stops.

I lived with my family in the US and when we moved to Kelowna I didn’t really have the space or know where to start with my art. In 2010 I was diagnosed with colon cancer and after chemo & surgeries I felt like my life was on hold, just trying to enjoy every day that I had been given.

And then a few months ago, a distant friend from Vancouver decided to send me 2 huge canvases and a ton of art supplies; forcing me to give myself another chance.

Being sick has been hard on my body, but I have felt super alive and inspired when I am painting. So that is what I have been doing. Thanks to the heART school that has been supporting me in this process I will now have an art show coming up in January! Exciting. Hope you enjoy it!

– Ingrid Boesten
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