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So, I’m selling our beauty Honda Element and posted it on Castanet, AutoTrader, and Craigslist with a few bites in the past few days. Some joker from “Nigeria” tried to scam me from Craigslist in the past where he sent me a photocopied bank draft for more than what I was asking for and wanted me to send him the “change” via electronic money order. I had fun scaring him on the phone saying that I was a computer genius and tracked where he was calling from, had the cops on his tail and he should be expecting a knock on the door at any time. Last I heard from him.

But now that I’ve got our car listed I’ve been getting a few “offers” from Craigslist and instead of just deleting the emails, I figured I’d have a bit of fun with the scammer on the other end of the emails…. here is the 5 step process (UPDATED with his reply – see #5) of how it went (and BTW, the car is still for sale).


2005 Honda element Craiglist scam

2005 Honda Element 4WD

This Honda Element is an incredible car. My wife has driven it for the past 6 years, we are the 2nd owners, and this vehicle has been very well maintained with regular tuneups & oil changes. It is incredibly spacious and as you can see in the pictures, the seats fold up to make it extremely versatile and handy for camping. The seats all fold down which transform into 2 beds and the floors are all waterproof making it very easy to clean. It’s great on gas (being a 4CYL), great in the snow (because of the All Wheel Drive function) and the reviews on this are incredible. We have nothing but good things to say about it – we have bought a new vehicle so we can tow our tent trailer.


2.4 L / 4 CYL185K Km
11 km/l
Power Steering
Power Brakes
Power Windows
Power Mirrors
Removable rear sunroof
MP3 and WMA stereo w/ aux jack for iPod and centre sub (very nice sounding system)
Towing package
Roof rack
2nd owner


All receipts and regular maintenance / oil changes every 3000 km.
New Starter 2013
New winter tires Dec. 2012 (still lots of good tread left)
This vehicle was purchased new in the USA for $30K



> Subject: 2005 Honda Element EX AD ID: 13384730
> From:
> Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2014 19:56:15 -0800
> To:

Hi Jonahan,

Here is more info about the element.

We have had the car since 2007 since we moved back here from the states. We are the 2nd owners – the original docs from the dealer were passed on to us from the couple who bought it brand new from the lot. It was also lady driven (her husband was in the army).

My family has owned Hondas since the early 90s and this car has been nothing but amazing to us. The starter was replaced last year and I put a new battery in 2 years ago. Other than regular maintenance we have had no troubles at all. These vehicles are incredible and the reviews online speak for themselves. I have just (last week) replaced the rear brakes and the front brakes were replaced about 6 months ago.

It is very reliable and safe. Like I mentioned, this was my wife’s car and with the all wheel drive function it handles very well in the snow and is an all around great car. To be honest we were very close to just buying a newer element.

As for accidents, there were 2 claims – 1 was on the bumper (my wife backed into another parked vehicle coming out of our drive away) and the other was a small rear ender where there were $200 in parts replaced on the front panel.
Let me know if you have any other questions or if you’d like to take it for a test cruise.

Thanks a lot,


On Mar 1, 2014, at 6:29 AM, Jonathan Kurtis <> wrote:

Hi Again!!

Thank you for all the details, I really love it! 🙂 Have you had any other parties interested? I was hoping I could reserve it or something until my arrival back in town. Can I put down a full deposit for it? I can upfront you a payment if this is cool with you? Do you have PayPal account? If not you should try and set one up at Send me an invoice with your paypal for the full price and I will pay it so you know that I’m serious. Okay? 🙂 I wont be able to come for the inspection or drive the car due to the fact I am out of town but I do love the car and i promise to take good care of it like you do. I’ve a courier agent that will come for the pickup and trailer it home after the payment has been made and sitting in your PayPal account, thanks and keep me posted asap 🙂

Talk soon,



Thanks. Since Paypal takes an extra 3% I’ll need to charge you that plus an extra $800 to set up a Paypal account since that’ll take me about 5-7 minutes. But since you don’t need a test drive or anything I’m sure you’re cool with that. Oh ya, forgot to mention, this comes with a second transmission! I’ve got one hanging around here in my closet. Also, you should know that the halogen levels in the headlights are low so that you’ll need to get topped up from an official dealer. Should only cost you an extra 8$ or so or I can take care of that for an extra $1600 even. Your call. If I were you I would just have me do it since I’m a better driver.

Oh, one more quick thing. This is an automatic but neither of the transmissions come with reverse but you shouldn’t really need that since you are only going to be driving this on a cruise ship or oil rig off the coast of Nepal right? Or was it Nigeria? In my experience, Africa and Asia don’t require reverse in order to register a vehicle.

So let’s just call it $134,000.00 and I’ll make sure there’s fresh water in the windshield washer fluid tank. I think that’s more than fair with all of the extras.

Looking forward to being ripped off!
Have a great day and hooray for everything!!! Yay.

(Sent directly from my right hand)



Thanks so much for the opportunity to put a payment down! I’ll keep my eye out for your paypal invoice for full payment and forward funds immediately! I have already known the charges on the paypal account so I can add the money to the payment I did be making since I request for it in making payment to you, I have courier agent that will trailer it home for me once I’ve complete the payment, and also sign bills of sale with you before the pickup.

Thanks again, and talk soon! Please don’t sell it to someone else! 🙂