Half-pipe plans 0

Whoever quoted the phrase “history repeats itself” might not be such an idiot after all. When I was 12, my pops and I built a half-pipe in our background and now, if my son can scrounge up the $450, he will be able to say the same thing. We had a little fun today snapping some shots of the kids jumping on the tramp, brought them into Photoshop, and then made this little pretty-realistic idea of what our backyard will look like by the end of the summer. The only difference is that our kids just might be a little higher in the air.


PS – I found some killer plans online & now lay awake at night thinking about how sick this is going to be (and also how to draft a liability release for the neighbourhood kids).


*UPDATE | I’ve set up a donation site for you to contribute if your heart strings are being ripped at right now: http://www.kapipal.com/nicogroove