H word 2

Hey boys & girls. Trying to keep everyone in the loop about Ingrid sometimes feels like nailing a fart to a wall… but here’s a little hammering.

After an appt. on Wed. with the pain Dr. (suuuuuper cool guy), they switched up her medication a bit in order to manage the pain. She was taking some long-acting oral medication (Hydromorphone) and a pile of the stuff injected every 4 hours. Long story short, the new dosage was too much for her to handle… it was enough to make her lose her marbles a bit (forgetting lots), suuuuuper sleepy, but also throwing up throughout Thursday eve / night and into Friday morning.

At the suggestion of one of the home care nurses (also, amazing peeps who come to our house regularly), Ingrid was admitted into the Hospice house (yes, we dropped the H bomb) for the weekend. The goal is to get her pain / nausea under control with a new form of pain medication using a patch but first she needs to be stabilized. Again, the plan is to have her back home by Monday or Tuesday.

The “H WORD” house is a sweet place for her – she’s got her own room, 24-7 care, it doesn’t smell like a hospital, and it costs the same as a cheap crack motel ($32/night). It’s a good place for her right now.

There are soooooo many people who love her and continue to ask “What do you need / what can I do” which is very appreciated. We had another meal brought last night by the Petch’s which couldn’t have been timed better. But at this point, with Ingrid’s mom living with us taking care of so many awesome things (she cleans like a rabid armadillo and cooks hearty Dutch meals that would make the Queen proud), we don’t need anything specific. Ingrid isn’t really up for visitors right now – she is just trying to get comfortable but doesn’t really know what she wants. Either way she doesn’t have energy for extra people right now and hopefully she’ll be back home soon.

My faja-in-law (pa) & his wife were here for 10 days which was good and as for the kids, our “normal” life continues with Sylas playing / reffing soccer and Misha taking dance and working (yep, she works at Enterprise Flower Studio where her mama worked for a stellar boss, Zena).

There you have it.

Please understand, my phone is beeping like a cheap casino and I’d love to let everyone know how she’s doing… I (or Ingrid) will do another update on Mon. or Tues.

In the meantime, keep your stick on the ice.
Much love,