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Written by Ingrid on DAY 6

Well, to say the least, my life since Tuesday has changed in a major way. I was thinking that I wanted to dress nice on Tuesday morning. Not sure why I was thinking that, but I got into the cancer clinic thinking that I could make myself feel at ease and that I would be alright. My friend Kathy was beside me and Nico came in after a while and I literally felt the life drain out of me. They gave me all these different chemo potions and one of them made me feel clammy & sweaty and give me instant diarrhea.


So that hit me pretty quick and then they give you a shot that is supposed to dry up any of those symptoms. Then you feel so nauseous that you are about to puke and I can hardly talk because of the “dry-up” shot. No saliva left! So after 2 hours I got to leave with a fanny pack full of a 2-day dose of chemo.


The chemo that was given me hit me so hard. There were times I didn’t know what to do with myself. All I could think of was to lay completely still and hope that it would ease off quickly.

Ingrid Boesten

The nausea is so bad that you simply don’t even want to drink water. Everything tastes like poison and even my body smell is something that fills your nostrils with chemicals. Sheets and PJs smell like of foreign chemical plant. Not good.


Even looking straight out of my eyes seems hard and sometimes impossible. So after two days you bring the empty chemo bottle back and get it unhooked. The nurses were sweet (as always) but they were pretty worried about my physical state so they put me on an IV for about 2 hours with more anti nausea medications.



On day 6 I’m starting to feel alive again. I have a bit of an appetite and I can stand up longer than 5 min. Nico is so sweet and answers to my every need and helps me with pretty much everything. He is so good. The kids seem to be doing good. They were a bit shocked at how sick I actually felt and they don’t seem to remember that from last time. I’m so proud of them – they are such troopers. Misha reads to me in bed. So sweet.


So now I have a week off and next week I start again. On Saturday my dad and Henny are coming to take care of me and hopefully the next treatment will be milder. Nurses and me will ask for the chemo to be less strong!

The meals that people are bringing are amazing – we recently had the Ords’, Waters’, Vivian Kreeft, & the Krysko’s bring us food and Holly Hildebrandt came and cleaned our bathrooms. Nico & the kids love it and I have tried bits here and there. Very good. We feel so loved and taken care of. Our families have also been a huge help & support. Thank you!


Isa. 41:10
“I’VE picked you. I haven’t dropped you. Don’t panic. I AM with you. There’s no need to fear for I am Your God. I’LL give you STRENGTH. I’LL help you. I’LL hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you.”

Deut. 1:29
“Don’t be terrified of your fears. GOD, YOUR GOD, is leading the way; HE’S fighting for you.”