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Another little update on Ingrid’s journey (written by Ingrid)…

Today I have to tell you that I’m super excited because my sister and her son are coming to Kelowna tomorrow. They will arrive at 11:15pm and I can’t wait to spend Christmas with them. It has been a dream of mine to spend Christmas with some of my family from Holland at some point in my life. Soooo that is about to happen. YEAH!
Last week I also celebrated my 40th birthday – an awesome celebration of music with a pile of our friends. Such a great time.

More good news is that I had a CT scan done yesterday and the results are that the tumors in my liver aren’t growing!! The surgeon cannot see if the tumors are active or not but my CEA indicator test is going down, so something good is happening!
I will have two more chemo treatments and I will have surgery around mid February. The surgeon seemed positive that it will all work. He told me that they will also take my gallbladder out (like it is nothing)! Not sure why it is not necessary for me to have one, but whatever! Seemed like it is not a big deal!

The surgeon also thinks that I might need 6 more chemo treatments, but the oncologist and him seem to have a difference of opinion about that. And he said that ultimately it is up to me to decide. Seriously??? So I have to prayerfully make that decision at some point.
So how am I doing with all this?

I’m good! I’m going to enjoy these next 9 days to the fullest and take these next steps as they come keeping worry and fear as far away from me as possible. I trust that God knows what He is doing and that my life is in His hands.

Thank you all for supporting me in this process. You are all amazing!