Daffodil Day Cancer Bash 0

I don’t even have an “Upcoming Gigs” section on this site because the ol’ git box doesn’t get dusted off very often… but this is a gig worthy of posting about. Now, I’m constantly getting asked to play benefit shows & there are all kinds of good causes worthy of showing up to play a few tunes for, but this Daffodil Day Cancer Bash is something just a little different.

After the “What Matters” song & story was produced, I shot it over to the Canadian Cancer Society to see if they wanted to pass it on as an encouragement to other cancer survivors. After a bunch of meetings, nothing really happened with the music video but I was asked by them to come and play for the Relay for Life here in Kelowna as well as for Daffodil Day – a day when Canadians can show their support for those living with cancer and to remember those who have died. Yup, I can get on board with that one.

So, TribeHouse is hosting a little concert at the Streaming Cafe on Apr. 27 with a few artists who are willing to throw their skills around (a.k.a. shred) for an evening to show support & honour some of the ones who have history with this “c” word. It’ll be myself (with my friends Eric Funk, Bruce Wiebe, and Jesse Padgett), Ari Neufeld (http://arineufeld.com), and Graham Ord (http://grahamord.com).

jordan unrau

The very brave Jordan Unrau

Obviously I’m playing to honour my dad & celebrate the fact that I still have a wife after her battle with stage 3 colon cancer, but there is someone that is very close to a lot of us, an amazing 14 year old young man, Jordan Unrau (14), who we are passionately dedicating the notes to. Jordan is battling bone cancer where doctors recently discovered 5 tumors throughout his body and this pisses me off. It’s not fair. It’s not right. But the only thing I feel able to do is to show up with what I have, my guitar. Graham actually wrote an incredible song for him called “Two C Words” that I’m sure he’ll whip out, Bruce Wiebe is the uncle of this young fighter, and the rest of us all know someone who has had to deal with this mysterious disease.

There are times where there are no words for a situation. Sometimes, there are only notes and prayers. This is one of those times. Everyone’s welcome & donations will be taken for the Canadian Cancer Society at the door. More details on the TribeHouse website here.

April 27  |  7pm
Streaming Cafe
596 Leon Ave., Kelowna, BC (map)

Here’s Graham Ord’s tune “Two C Words” – all profits go to the Unrau family. Let’s support ’em.