Breakfast with Craig Cardiff 0

Craig Cardiff came over for a Dutch pancake breakfast this morning after playing an intimate show at the Streaming Cafe last night. After touring relentlessly for several years, recording a discography of 20 albums, playing well-known venues across North America, having gone through the whole mainstream management thing (Feldman), he now tours alone & manages himself. Hence the name of the company he started, “Agentless“.

Inspiring stuff.

Craig Cardiff at Streaming Cafe

Craig Cardiff at Streaming Cafe Jan. 21, 2012

I did a quick little interview with him before he had to catch his flight over to Vancouver for 3 consecutive shows at the Railway Club which will be posted on the TribeHouse site later this week is posted on the TribeHouse Artist Collective website. But here’s a guy who works his ass off, has a solid following (6K+ fans on Fbook ain’t shabby), and has dudes like Gordon Lightfoot saying things about him like “(Craig) is a songwriter that needs to be heard”. I think it would be fair to say he’s one of those “successful” artists.

And, of course, there are hundreds of thousands of other indie, travelling, hard-working musicians who are all wondering what the magic potion is as to how he got to this level. He played the show last night with 5 strings because there wasn’t enough time to restring his whole guitar after arriving late on a flight from Ottawa and was quick to admit that there are a slew of guitar players out there that could shred circles around his playing.

So what’s his secret? Here’s what he said:

“Be happy with what you have instead of what could be.”

Craig Cardiff is someone to follow & watch – some really refreshing views on the music industry & enough innovative ideas to tip a few cows.

Craig Cardiff’s Website