Hi. I’m Nico.

Nico Boesten

Top photo by Darren Hull. Bottom drawing by some guy in the Streaming Cafe.

Kicking dudes is not my day job. I promise.

I’m Nico Boesten – a father, producer, singer-guy, drummer, entrepreneur, supporter of indie artists, soccer lover, and least importantly a novice land kiteboarder. All of which I love and am working on becoming awesomer at.

Having lived in Europe, US, and Canada, I have done extensive travelling performing as an artistleading a youth ministry, and working with addicts in the heart of Amsterdam.

More recently I was a partner and marketing guy for Sayvee.com (website builder for artists) which was recently acquired by Bandzoogle.
Most recently, I am running an AV company in Kelowna (New Horizon Productions) & working with Davara Enterprises where I help manage a few websites & support some of the artistic & experimental endeavours of Bottega, & Streaming Cafe.

fairtrade creativeI also have a side-show-bob project called Fair Trade Creative where I have formed a network of artists to design (album artwork, videos, websites, book covers, logos…) where a portion of the profits support projects that matter.



If you’re really bored, here are a few of the videos I’ve been a part of creating: William and Kate, Sayvee.comDavid Wilcox promo, and of course my own Youtube Channel.



Rachel Taylor: Inside These Walls

Maeve: Mothers of Grace Club

Nico: Freekboy, Sillyman, Burn, Bly, Nashvegas EP, What Matters