Allianz Global Insurance Fail 5

I posted this and this on Facebook last night after a blood-numbing denial of our claim for cancellation of our flight with Allianz Global travel insurance (FYI Case # 0002486218). If there’s one thing that pisses me off, it’s injustice and this is how the story has unfolded (so far) after Ingrid wasn’t able to make her flight to US because of her chemo treatments. The flight was purchased for us by some incredibly amazing friends of ours…


I have to say, NEVER use Allianz Global Assistance in Canada for insurance. They just totally screwed us out of our claim that we had travel insurance for. Allianz Global Assistance won’t cover you if you have any symptoms 120 days prior to booking your flight – in our case this meant some routine blood tests for my wife which had NO physical symptoms. This turned out to be stage 4 liver cancer and due to her chemo treatments she wasn’t able to fly and Allianz refuses to give us anything claiming that these were symptoms even though her tickets were purchased with NO prior knowledge to what she had. Sorry, but you have horrible customer service. Happy Thanksgiving – hope you enjoy our $800.


Shortly hereafter, a flood of comments from friends rallied around to publicly expose their cruel practices as a corporation. I also Tweeted to / about them from which I got a response right away. I just sent them this email below (sent to and now I’ll wait for a response from them which I will post here when I hear back. As of now, I’m not happy with these jokers.


Global Allianz sucks

Global Allianz is brutal

I’ve recently heard that my wife’s claim was denied based on some of the fine print and the definitions that you have chosen for the word “symptoms”. We purchased a ticket via Orbitz in September & bought cancellation insurance through Allianz Global.

In August, there were some standard blood tests done on my wife which she has had since her Stage 3 colon cancer went into remission 2 years ago. At this point (in August) there were no results back and life was normal. We had no reason to believe anything was wrong and we booked a flight.

With the absolutely shocking news that came to us late in September that my wife’s cancer had come back in her liver (now stage 4) with doctors immediately setting in motion the need for chemo treatments as well as a major surgery.

She has now been through almost 1 month of chemo treatments and had to cancel her flight.

Allianz had requested documentation from the oncologist (which was sent in). We then heard back that you needed more documentation from our PCP (which we did) and before he even sent it in, I got a letter saying that you had denied our claim.

Not only was this insulting but a complete waste of time for us to schedule another doctor’s appointment for no reason.

After almost an hour long phone call trying to explain our case this week, you have decided that this was a pre-existing condition with symptoms 120 days before we booked our flight. I was also told that we could have chosen another “type” of insurance that would allow for a claim to be processed even if there were pre-existing symptoms 120 days prior to a flight purchase. This was NOT POSSIBLE through Orbitz. There was 1 type of cancellation insurance and this is what we purchased.

This is not only an incredibly sneaky way to get out of paying for a flight but I would consider it a form of bullying. The way you’re defining a “symptom” is ridiculous. Like I explained, my wife felt no symptoms and we had NO IDEA what was going on. Everything was speculation. In the same way, if I had a stomach ache 115 days before I booked a flight and wasn’t able to go on a trip because I had the flu, you could get out of paying. Have you ever had to pay for a claim or are you always able to find a way to get out of paying? Obviously, I’m not the happiest camper in this trailer park.

I find it ironic that we had purchased insurance for something “in the rare case” that anything would happen & the people who deserve quality treatment in a time of need are penalized. Orbitz had even offered to give us a voucher for a future flight but there wasn’t a question in our minds that we would be denied a claim so we pursued going through insurance.

I’m not one to threaten or retaliate unfairly – you can listen back to the conversation I had with your representative this past week. I’ve been as respectful as possible but for the love of all that is good and decent, have a heart and just a fraction of some logical empathy.

Nico Boesten

**UPDATE: After several emails, notes from our doctors, Facebook notes, and very disappointed / angry notes on Facebook / Twitter, Global Allianz has decided to refund our money (as of Dec. 21, 2012). Nice.