Ahhhhh, chemo DAY 1 10

It has begun. Treatments. Chemo. New doses, some new information, and some familiar feelings of nausea.

Nausea sucks rocks.

Ingrid went in this morning at 10am for her first chemo cycle (of 6) and is fighting hard. Fighting the nausea and fighting thoughts that go something like, “really?” and “WTF” and “these pills don’t do anything”. But this is paraphrased by me (Nico) since Ingrid is just trying to distract herself with a movie. I offered one of her friends 3 bucks if she could come over and make her laugh to give you some perspective on the amount of smiles going on right now.

Highlights of the day:

  • A good friend, Kathy Wiebe, came and hung out for the treatment
  • Seeing Misha read the first 2 chapters of a new eBook (Heaven is for Real) to her in bed
  • Having a post-chemo nap on the couch with Maya (our 1 year-old puppy)
  • A meal delivered to our door at dinner time by the Smailes family (huge thanks to you & our good friend Jenn Funk for organizing the Meal Train for us – if I were to cook I would most likely destroy the health of our kids at speeds unfamiliar to mankind so this is an unbelievable gift).

One of the toughest pieces of info we heard today was that this chemo will most likely take Ingrid’s hair. But you never know, maybe they were joking (removed because this wasn’t funny right now).

As we were leaving we saw an old friend going in for her first chemo treatment who said she was reading Psalm 118 vs. 17 this morning. So we broke out the good Word and read this: “I will not die but live. And I will tell of what the Lord has done.



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