A song for my dad (rough) 0

What Matters – the first, original, rough version.


I wrote the bulk of this song after coming home from the Memphis Folk Alliance from Feb. 16 – 20, 2011 where I was helping to represent Roadmap Music (PS – unbelievable trip). I went down with some of the coolest people on this continent, saw so many great performers, and had felt this tune brewing since I had the dream. Finally, one day after a tough week and a little riff with my wife, I weeped over my guitar as the lyrics started melting into the melody & chords. I then brought it to Norm Strauss & Andrew Smith (also very good buds with my dad) who very graciously offered their brilliant suggestions, tweeked some words, killed a verse, sped up the chorus, and wrote a bridge.
Such a great experience.

* UPDATE See the full version(s) here.