What Matters (2011) 1

What Matters Nico

What Matters (2011)

Recorded at Lille Gard Studios (Kelowna, BC) by Andrew Smith. Upright Bass & Hammond recorded at Solar Nest Arts Studio, Kelowna, BC.
This was inspired by a dream I had about my dad 3 years after he died from cancer. Read the full story, watch the interview, and take in the music video.

Written by Nico Boesten along with Andrew Smith & Norm Strauss
Lead Vox, Acoustic Guitar: Nico Boesten
Fretless Bass: Brian Wiebe
Hammond: Malcolm Petch
Background Vocals & Beer bottle sound effect: Ari Neufeld
Pedal Steel: Graham Ord
Drums: Eric Funk
Electric Guitar: Andrew Smith

Mixed & Mastered at Lille Gard Studios by Andrew Smith
Produced by Nico Boesten

What Matters Nico

What Matters (2011)

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