100 Faces Project painting my face 0

Most people don’t like the sound of their own voice. A lot of people don’t like the look of their own face. But how about both in one shot except instead of a picture it’s of someone painting your face. Oh, and what if the painting was 1 of 100 different faces that are being painted by an artist in Switzerland? Well, then you can relate.

I was pretty blown away to get an email a few months back by artist Stephanie Fonteyn who is doing a collaborative art project called “The 100 Faces Project” which has a pretty rad vision:

“The aim is to demonstrate how people can be united through art. It is an art-social-connectivity project which the artist claims is “The Art of People Connecting”

The 100 faces Project enables you, the public, to become an ambassador of art. As an art Ambassador you can commission a portrait in the project, your portrait is the inspiration for the artist. Some of the portraits will be participating celebrities.

The final art work will be exhibited as a giant mural-mosaic of 100 faces. The exhibition in Geneva in November 2013 will discover connectivity level between the portraits, kind of like Facebook, but face-to-face using art as the medium to connect people.

So, Stephanie was inspired by the “What Matters” song & story & wanted to paint my portrait so I gave her a picture that a buddy of mine Darren Hull took (see the right side of the image at the top) & here’s the result. She also took a time-lapse video of her doing it (see below). Wild how stuff happens.

More about the project:
My page on her site